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Scientific-and-Production Company LLC Yugtechnotrans fabricates the following systems for reducing power, material and financial expenses connected with maintaining the rolling stock and track facilities of railways: systems of locomotive wheel flange lubrications (flange lubricators or locomotive lubricators); capacitor starting systems for diesel engines; electric heating systems for railway points.

Scientific-and-Research Company Yugtechnotrans is engaging in developing, fabricating, erecting and commissioning of the products at customers facilities.

Erection and commissioning of the products may be carried out by the customer under supervision of specialists of LLC Yugtechnotrans.

Contracts stipulate two years guarantee period from the date of delivery. We conclude agreements for post-guarantee service. We supply grease of the type "Relsol" forwheel flange lubrication and rail head maintenance systems



Lubrication system for wheel flanges 12-5

Decreases the wear of wheel flanges of locomotives, side surfaces of the rails, saves power expenses for traction, eliminates the grinding sound of wheels, decreases the risk of derailing


Capacitor starting systems CSS for diesel engines

Designed to increase reliability and service life of diesel starting systems, especially under low ambient temperatures.


Electric heating system for railway points

The electric heating system ensures uninterrupted operation of the railway points in winter, irrespective of the precipitations. Automatic system ensures maximal energy saving.

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