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Lubrication system for wheel flanges 12-5

Decreases the wear of wheel flanges of locomotives, side surfaces of the rails, saves power expenses for traction, eliminates the grinding sound of wheels, decreases the risk of derailing



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Lubrication system for wheel flanges 12-5


Lubrication system 12-5 (locomotive wheel flange lubricator) is designed for lubrication of the flanges of locomotive wheel sets. In case of implementing the system on the rolling stock the following advantages are achieved:

  • The wear of the wheel flanges is significantly decreased, their service live is increased;
  • The wear of the side surfaces of rails is decreased, their service life is increased;
  • The tractive resistance is decreased, the expenses for traction power (diesel) are decreased;
  • The risk of derailing is decreased due to decrease of friction;
  • The expenses connected with idling of rolling stock due to replacement and turning of the wheel sets and rail grinding are decreased.

Range of application

The lubrication system for wheel flanges of locomotives 12-5 may be installed on all types of rail transport:

  • diesel locomotives;
  • electric locomotives;
  • traction units;
  • underground cars;
  • trams;
  • rails cranes.

Components of 12-5 system

The system consists of the following parts:

Electronic control unit , which controls the electric valves, which start the actuating device of grease supply and open the air passage to the air pipeline;

Grease supply unit , which is an actuating device of preliminary purification and supply of grease to the grease pipeline under high pressure;

Pipelines which transport compressed air and lubricating material under pressure directly to the fine filters, and from there to the nozzles;

Nozzles, which are the units for precise dozing of the lubricating material, mixing and fine spraying of the air-and-grease mixture to form a 3 7 micron film on the surface of the wheel flange;

Fasteners to fix system elements to locomotive structures, connectors and valves;

Also filling station to pump grease into the tanks of the lubrication system.

Recommended lubricating materials

We recommend to use special consistent lubricants developed by LLC Yugtechnotrans mutually with lubricant manufacturers by locomotive wheel flange lubricators, which are water-resistant, capable to withstand wide temperature changes and of high adhesion.

At present, two grades of grease are produced for locomotive wheel flange lubricators:

Lubricant Mariol Relsol ;

  • Lubricant AGRINOL Relsol.

Mariol Relsol is produced by thickening the oil mixture to viscosity of 20 25 mm3/sec under 40 oC with calcium soaps of fatty acids and anti-oxidizing additive.

Mariol Relsol is the most recommended for use as best adapted for seasonal changes.

AGRINOL Relsol is produced by thickening the oil mixture to viscosity of 20 - 35 mm3/sec under 40oC

Ukrainian railway enterprises are the consumers of these lubricants.

The compulsory requirements to quality of the products, its safety and harmlessness for human life, property and environment as per are observed.


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